July 21, 2018

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Gabriel Micko
Streaming engineer @Mozilla, Docler Holding, Hungary, Budapest

I am enthusiastic front-end developer who loves the web and new technologies around it. I am tech speaker, contributor, volunteer at Mozilla. I believe in the mission to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all.

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Yevhen Shemet
Senior Software Engineer at Starburst Labs, Ukraine, Vinnytsia

JavaScript accompanies me all my professional life. I had learned JavaScript for the three times: When it was just a toy, when jQuery become the ruler and when the modern ECMAScript era has come. JavaScript has a lot of downsides, but many brand new ideas and innovative approaches find their way in ECMAScript standard. So I love it, I use it, I consult companies and lecture students in VNTU about it.

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Vitalii Bobrov
Senior Software Engineer @EPAM, Wroclaw, Poland

I'm a JavaScript Engineer with more than five years of professional experience. Co-organizer of Angular Wroclaw meetup. I'm keeping up-to-date with the latest Web Platform features and doing great experiments with it. Me not just a nerd, but tech speaker, ngGirls mentor, and the father of the excellent little girl.

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Roman Liutikov
Software Engineer @Attendify, Ukraine, Kyiv

I'm creating Web UIs in React, JavaScript and ClojureScript. Interested in functional programming and unpopular programming languages. Maintaning open source tools and libraries for developers.

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Elena Sharovar
Full-stack engineer @Waverley, Ukraine, Kharkiv

I am a full-stack engineer at Waverly Software, work in IT more than 10 years. I love challenging tasks, simple solutions, 99% test coverage and a lot of other things. I am a maintainer of a moment-timezone library and can tell a lot about that.

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Pavel Yukhnovich
JS developer @EPAM, Belarus, Minsk

Community organizer: WebNotBombs, BeerJS Minsk, FrontSpot, Rolling Scopes. Traveler with great sense of humor :)

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Dmytro Tereshchenko
Lead Software Engineer, Team Leader on TKM projects @EPAM, Ukraine, Vinnytsia

Passionated about Technologies and Traveling. I enjoy camping and visiting sightseeing places!

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Nick Lototskiy
TeamLead @Namecheap.com, Kharkov, Ukraine

More than 15 years in IT....

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Oleksandr Reshetnik
Resource Manager, Lead Software Engineer @EPAM, Ukraine, Vinnytsia

Many years in IT. Was involved in different projects from embedded to front-end. Last years, I am engaged in API design. Contributed to Ticketmaster API platform. The resident of Epam API competency center.

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Borys Mohyla
Senior full-stack developer @IG “RIA”, Ukraine, Vinnytsia

I have experience in developing PWA (Progressive Web Apps), AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and universal apps, working on creating VR interfaces, interested in machine learning and AI. I like to think a lot and write a little.

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Naum Romantsov
Senior back-end developer @ElifTech, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

"Senior back-end developer at ElifTech, Vinnytsia, Ukraine (eliftech.com) Security-oriented Javascript ninja aimed to build better world involving robotic humanity far at stars."

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Vitalii Savchuk
CFO @ElifTech, Ukraine, Vinnytsia

CFO at ElifTech and author of ngTable library. Involved with technology for nearly 15 years. I am a huge supporter of the open source community and firmly believes that because of this community we witness current innovation speed and technological revolution.Technology is Vitaliy's job, hobby and passion to which he devotes all of his free time.

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Artem Paliy
Senior software engineer @DA-14 Software Development, Ukraine, Kharkiv

I'm a senior software developer with over 8 years of experience in both web and mobile app development. I took part in multiple projects from all over the globe and had a chance to work with both small startups and large enterprises. I'm bound up in technology and innovation, thus his job is his hobby as well.

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Helen Zhukova
Frontend developer @VideoGorillas, Kyiv, Ukraine

I create user interfaces for Web and mobile mainly for live video streaming and video post-production for the movie studios. JavaScript is my first love but I am open to any technologies and skills that make my creations the best look and feel. I am a lifelong learner and I love to share my knowledge.

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Sergey Kostyrko
Software Engineer @Waverley, Ukraine, Kharkiv

Over 10 years in software development, for a long time worked as full stack developer in eCommerce (PHP/JS), lately switched to Web/Mobile development with JavaScript only. Passionate about challenging tasks.

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Andrey Kucherenko
Lead Software Engineer @EPAM Systems, Ukraine, Kyiv

Engineer with more than 13 years of experience in IT. Main areas of my professional interest are - javascript based technologies, frontend and backend architecture, mobile development, web development, IoT and hardware development, TDD, CI/CD, etc. I was born in the family of engineers, that’s why I respect different engineering areas ranging from mechanics to IT.


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