July 30, 2016

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Martin Splitt
Senior Bit Wizard @Archilogic, Switzerland, Zurich

Martin is pretty decent at humaning and pretty good at computering, so he decided to use his computering to improve his and other's humaning. He loves the open web and open source and helps to make things better with, but not limited to, code.

Andriy Deren
CEO at Dreams IT / Onlizer, Ukraine, Ternopil

JS fun and user over 10 years, often working with large enterprise JS-solutions. TernopilJS community group meetings co-organizer and speaker.

Aleksey Shvayka
consultant @Hell Yeah LLC, Ukraine, Kyiv

I consult on rendering performance and help taking cutting-edge web standards to production code. Also I build spec-perfect polyfills and various micro-libraries and plugins. Currently I am helping browser vendors to ship bug-free ES2015.

Artem Zakharchenko
Lead Software Engineer @EPAM, Ukraine, Kharkiv

JavaScript evangelist. Artem has worked with JS since it wasn’t main stream. He participated in such projects as Webspellchecker.net, DomainOption corp, Pics.io and EPAM. He believes that JavaScript should work everywhere and had about 10 public speeches in different cities.

Roman Liutikov
JavaScript Developer @Redradix LLC, Spain, Madrid

I'm developing React.js and React Native applications, creating and maintaining tools for developers https://github.com/roman01la and running JavaScript community group ChernihivJS

Denis Vlassenko
Lead Software Engineer @EPAM, Belarus, Brest

Accomplished software engineer, involved team leader and proficient IT trainer/mentor with multidimensional expertise in computer science based on 15 years of continuous experience.

Yevhenii Pinkal
Frontend Developer @EPAM, Ukraine, Vinnytsia

Just a developer who has almost 4 years of experience in development of mobile casino games and strongly believes in future of VR and Hololens.

Denis Yaremov
Just a nice guy @Lohika, Ukraine, Kyiv

I always strived for simpler and less verbose code, thus my primary area of interest is clean contracts and interfaces. I wrote my first "Hello World" application when I was thirteen. At eighteen I successfully completed my first commercial project. Now I'm 31 and I was busy with programming for most of my life. Currently I’m working on a new approach to web development — a whole new look into client-server architecture.

Yevhen Shemet
Team Lead @Componentix Eurotaxi, Ukraine, Vinnytsia

10 years in software development. Ruby on Rails, node.js, React.js. Currently: Componentix Eurotaxi Web Lead

Ivan Lavriv
Web-Engineer @Lohika Systems, Ukraine, Lviv

Member of Kottans.org, Web branch leader at pllug.org, Lviv Rust Meetups co-organizer

Alexey Volkov
JS Tech Lead @Rumble Inc, Israel, Tel Aviv

Moving the company to the bright future of javascript. 10+ years of experience in IT (from desktop applications to the web full stack). Enjoying working remotely in a comfortable home office almost my entire life.

Alexander Lyabah
CEO @CheckiO, Ukraine, Kyiv

FullStack Developer, Python, JavaScript, Docker

Dmytro Golysh
JavaScript developer @EPAM, Ukraine, Kyiv

JavaScript developer from EPAM Garage community. Using JS in hardware development and creating IoT, which can help for others.

Yuriy Tkachenko
JavaScript developer @EPAM, Ukraine, Kyiv

JavaScript developer with 4 years expirience, member of EPAM Garage community. Using JS in hardware development and creating IoT, which can help for others.


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  • https://www.epam.com/
  • https://www.ciklum.com/
  • http://www.astoundcommerce.com/
  • https://www.playtika.com/
  • http://www.levi9.com/
  • http://www.qualium-systems.com/

Info Partners

  • http://web-standards.ru/
  • http://remit.se/
  • http://www.itcp-ua.com/
  • https://hh.ua/search/vacancy?clusters=true&currency_code=UAH&area=5&specialization=1&from=cluster_professionalArea
  • http://itcluster.lviv.ua/
  • http://career.luxoft.com/
  • http://sigma.software/
  • http://ihub.com.ua/en/vinnytsia-en/
  • http://rabota.ua/
  • http://sourceit.com.ua/
  • http://itea.ua/
  • http://www.myvin.com.ua/
  • http://www.artinov.com.ua/
  • https://prog.kiev.ua/
  • http://hotwork.com.ua/
  • http://www.lgs.lviv.ua/
  • http://netpeak.net/ru/
  • http://edu.cbsystematics.com/ru/
  • http://itvdn.com/ru


  • https://www.colorit.vn.ua/
  • http://matrica.vn.ua/
  • http://eurotaxi.vn.ua/

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